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Big 8 Thrill Rides      dreamworld prices



The new Kung Fu Panda: Land of Awesomeness is home to Dreamworld’s new Big 8 Thrill Ride, Pandamonium, is open!

When you arrive at Pandamonium, be sure to choose your queue line carefully because this swinging rickshaw ride is an adventure with a serious split personality.

Mini quest seekers can choose the ‘not-so crazy’ line to enjoy a rickshaw chase adventure. Spinning round and round, and swinging side to side you will need to harness your Kung Fu endurance for this ride even on its calm rotation.

Big 8 Thrill Ride enthusiasts will find happiness in the ‘seriously crazy’ line for a cycle that will send you round and round, side to side and upside down at up to 3.8 G-forces. Soaring eight metres high under the watchful eyes of the mighty dragon, only martial arts masters will be able to outlast these 150 seconds of kung-furious pandemonium.

An Australian-first, riders will be seated in an open carriage and held in by a single waist harness before they commence their 46 metre vertical ascent.

At its peak, riders are dangled upside down 15 storeys in the air before the carriage free-falls through a 360 degree heart roll and plummets down a final vertical drop at up to 105 kilometres per hour.


THE CLAW – Pendulum travels 9 storeys into the air, swings at up to 75 km/hr and spins 360 degrees
THE CYCLONE – 13 storeys, 1000 tones of high-speed twists, 360-degree loop and screaming sidewinder
THE GIANT DROP – the tallest, free-falling ride in the world a jaw dropping 120 metre plummet at extreme speed
MICK DOOHANS Motocoaster – motorcycle racing to 72 km per hour in replica 500cc racing bikes
TOWER OF TERROR – accelerates to a massive 160 kph in seven seconds then climbs 38 storeys high
WIPEOUT – spins, twists and tumbles through a body-wrenching range of dumping breaker waves


REEF DIVER – dive in and get lost in a giant, vertical whirlpool of fun
AVIS VINTAGE CARS – drivers of all ages can captain their very own vintage car
DREAMWORLD RAILWAY – a scenic ride and great way to see the park in two restored steam trains


ROLLER COASTER – suspended Familycoaster: swoop, twist and turn to escape the giant Reptar
THE FUN SPOT – filled with fun, educational games and all your favourite Wiggles music
DORAS SEA PLANES – Dora’s Sea Planes throttle and steer your own flight of fantasy!

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The best Dreamworld prices

Dreamworld 1 Day Adult Dreamworld only  95.00 90.25
Dreamworld 1 Day Child 3-13 y/o inclusive. Under 3 free  75.00 71.25
Dreamworld 1 Day Pensioner (ID required) Aus or NZ residents only  75.00 71.25
WhiteWater World 1 Day Adult WhiteWater World only 60.00 57.00
WhiteWater World 1 Day Child 3-13 y/o inclusive. Under 3 free  40.00 38.00
WhiteWater World 1 Day Pensioner (ID required) Aus or NZ residents only  40.00 38.00
3 day holiday fun pass adult dreamworld whitewaterworld and skypoint unlimited entry  100.00 90.00
3 day holiday fun pass child,pens dreamworld whitewaterworld and skypoint unlimited entry  90.00 80.75
Unlimited World Pass to Dec 24 2015(Adult) Dreamworld AND WhiteWater World 130.00 105.00
Holiday World Pass 21 Days Unlimited Entry Adult Dreamworld AND WhiteWater World 110.00 95.00
Holiday World Pass 21 Days Unlimited Entry Child Dreamworld AND WhiteWater World  100.00 80.75
Holiday World Pass 21 Days Unlimited Entry Family Dreamworld AND WhiteWater World 390.00 370.50

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